New Wine

New wine requires a new wineskins. When Jesus talked of the new wine, He was of course talking about the New Covenant that He was inaugurating. He was also addressing concerns about His apostles. No one likes the new simply because the old is better.

God is doing something new, He is raising apostles by the droves and if we are really honest, most of us prefer the old. The problem is, the old is not what God is doing, it is what He was doing. 

The old manifestation of apostle as being the old, powerful, MAN of God needs to shift. As does the reaction to that error, the old MAN of God sitting passively, smoking a pipe, content to let Rome burn around him while sitting behind the curtain, controlling things as if he isn't. (Lot's of metaphors, I know!)

I am passionate about raising up people, men and women, young and old, who are emerging as apostles. Maybe they will be an apostle, maybe not, but can we give space and place for them to try, to fail, to learn?

Thats what this school is really for. Growing a Company of Apostles by allowing space for people to work out their call. You will do it in the company of others who are emerging, and some apostolic leaders in the body.