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School of Influence and Favor

  • City Point Church 6474 Central Ave Portage, IN, 46368 United States (map)
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Jesus grew in wisdom stature and in favor with God and men. If He needed to do it, chances are pretty high that we need to learn how to actually show up in life as sons and daughters of the Living God.

Many Christians spend their lives wondering why everyone else is getting blessed while we are on the sidelines, why doors open for others yet we seem to be stuck. At the same time, many church leaders wonder why their people are restless, look for other churches that meet their ‘needs’, and seem more focused on their ministries and calls than the collective, family ministry of the local body. The answer to both is sonship. It is healthy, relational submission that allows us to give up the striving, the angst, the frustration of our walk with others and submit to love; a much better way. It opens doors to heaven and fruitfulness in the lives of individuals and churches.

This school takes you through a greater understanding of sonship, allows God to heal our wounds and releases us into greater influence and favor. It is quite simply the most powerful cultural necessity for sustained revival and reformation.


I hated my job. For the first half of last year, I had nothing to do at work and felt like I was wasting my life.  For the second half, I got a new team with a boss I did not like.  My new boss did not treat the team well and I felt like she was picking on me even though I was doing the best I could.  I started looking for a new job--my dream job, but the job hunt did not yield any good opportunities.  I checked out--I was always late to work, late to meetings, not committed to the team.

At the School of Influence and Favor, I started examining my life.  I understood that I was not being a son at work.  I was always complaining about my boss, always upset with her, always felt like I was treated unfairly, did not trust her at all.  I had a choice to make: I could continue being upset with her, or I could trust God’s word to me that she was on my side.  When she reprimanded me, my natural reaction was to get mad and complain—but instead, I could choose to be thankful for her correction and care about me and obey her direction.

This was somewhat hard to do, to choose to trust my boss and submit.  But the day I made the choice, everything changed.  I was on time to work and to meetings (when I had been late every day).  I made an effort to be more present in meetings and interact with the team.  And it happened naturally.  My attitude was completely different.

A month later, my boss emailed me and copied her boss, saying “You’ve really improved this past month.  The quality of your work is much better.  Keep up the good work.”   Just yesterday, I had my annual review and it went really well.  My leads said they've been impressed with me for the past 2 months and that I am 100% heading in the right direction.  I was sitting there, listening to people on the outside talk about the miracle God did in my heart.  They saw the change too. 

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the dream job at some point, but I’m glad I am learning so much where I am right now.  Thank you for teaching us about sonship.  It’s been one of the most significant things in my faith story in 2017.


This course is transformational. As someone who went orphan early in life, and also experienced wounding from father-image figures within the church, I can tell you there is a huge difference between just understanding these issues and being set free from them. 


I attended the School of Influence and Favor wanting to receive more from my Heavenly Father and step into the destiny that is on my life. Influence and favor open doors for many in our American culture, so this seemed like a logical step to moving forward in ministry.

What I received at the School was so much more! Ian, Rachel, and their team moved me away from a search for "that one thing I need to do to move forward" into relationship and identity. Without the solid foundation of knowing my true identity and living that identity in relationship with Father God and His Kingdom family here on earth, I cannot carry my destiny. 

The messages presented spoke to the Truths of Identity as a gift to be acknowledged in the midst of community. My thinking was shifted (again) from the "one thing I need to do" or "try harder" (performance) to Truths about who and why I was created, (identity and relationship).

Since the school, I have seen my favor and influence increase in multiple settings, but what I have pursued is relationships that speak into my identity. Life-changing. A message everyone needs and that will create deep transformation individually and culturally.


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