What the heck is going on?

Keys are pretty important. They give you access to things. Without a key, I can’t drive my car which would be a shame!

In 1969 a Canadian called Laurence Peter published a principle of management theory he called The Peter Principle. In a nutshell it says that in an organization a worker will perform really well at their current position and get a promotion based on that performance. They move from a position where they have a high level of competence to a position where they have the lowest level of competence. If the worker does not gain competence, they remain stuck and operate in what Peter calls, ‘their level of incompetence’. For problem solving, it means that anything that works will be used in progressively more challenging applications until it fails. (Wikepedia)

The challenge is often that the worker does not have the keys necessary to become competent at their new position. These keys can be practical skills that can be taught or social, emotional skills that will need work. Sometimes, the worker never acquires the new keys.

There is a theory that in Christianity that the higher the level, the bigger the devil. I don’t believe that at all. What I do believe is that when each of us move from one assignment to another, we may lack some vital keys, new strategies and new breakthroughs to meet the challenges of this new assignment or promotion.

Someone once said that the greatest enemy of future success is our current success. We think that because we have used the plans, tools, and mindset to be successful where we are at, when we get ‘promoted’ or shift assignments, those same plans, tools and mindsets will serve us well in the new season. It doesn’t happen. Advancement requires change. What brought the people of Israel to the Jordan would not be enough to get them across.

God is in the business of repositioning people across His church. He is moving people around like a Grand Master chess player getting ready for an attack on the enemy’s positions. The Kingdom is advancing and it needs each of us to adapt and learn what God is asking of us in our new season.

Take marriage. Marriage is one of those top 10 stress events in our life and the newly wed has prayed, prepped and planned for this very thing probably for years and yet, it requires a totally new way to think and act. It can be one of the loneliest times in life when friends stop including you, unsure how they will relate to this new ‘thing’ that was created the moment you said ‘I do’. What got you to the altar will not get you to your silver anniversary!

Sudden increase in wealth is another huge adjustment, one many of us would gladly welcome! Instances of sports stars, lottery winners etc. becoming wealthy overnight and it ruining their lives are all too common. They did not have the keys to learn how to adjust to their new promotion.

Right now, on earth, God is changing people around, promoting them, shifting assignments and our posture must be to learn what is needed from us in this new thing. Many of us feel the shifting, the insecurity of it all. It is like standing on a boat when the boat suddenly speeds up, we can be a little shaky on our feet for a moment but let’s make sure it is only a moment. Let’s get our feet under us, hold on to others, deepen connection and enjoy the ride! Let’s not be the ones who only change because they are forced to, let’s be the kind of people who change because we have said ‘Amen’ to God’s yes.

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