Pursue, Pursue, Pursue.

Yesterday, Monday March 21, 2016, was a day of intense warfare in the heavenly realm; I wonder did any of you feel it? This is what I saw as I went to bed last night.

The enemy had you on the ropes, he was merciless in his attacks, biting, clawing, scratching, and relentlessly punching you on the head. Blow after blow on your head. You fell and the count began. It looked like you were KO’d. You lay down defeated and discouraged and it looked like it was all over.

I have been awake since early this morning sensing something shift. At 4:30 this morning there was a voice of an angel that sounded like a trumpet blast that woke me up. It was a call to action. This is what the voice said,

You have been lied to over and over, taking blow after blow to your mind. Constant and relentless attack on what you once knew to be true. These blows have caused you to slow down. It looks like you have not quit because there is still some movement but really, you have decided that it is hopeless. This voice, this trumpet is a decree from Heaven that God will redeem, restore and you will recover all BUT it is time to get off the mat and pursue. It is time to break any passivity that exists in the pursuit of your promise. This promise is so important to God that He is calling you to cast of any hindrance and pursue, pursue, pursue. This is a green light year, God says ‘Yes’.

I Samuel 30

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