Core Value #6 - Angels

I always tell people I never travel alone. I am keenly aware of my angelic companions. The title for this part of my book should be something along the lines of “things I believe that will get me locked up, medicated or have the heretic hunters hunt me down with pitchforks and burning lanterns’ I believe in angels and I believe in our interaction with them. I can also see them.

The word angel appears 187 times in the New Testament. A simple reading of the Gospels will show you how they work. They appear, stir waters for healing, prophecy over people, speak and converse with people, minister and strengthen, release people from prison and prepare you for your destiny. Jesus needed them to minister to him on two separate occasions. Yes, God in the flesh, filled with the Holy Spirit and with a direct line to the Father, needed angels.

I have known my personal angel since 2008 or so. I first met him at our church during a 24 hour prayer meeting. We had brought our 3 kids to the prayer meeting and they were reluctant to say the least. I suspect all parents have endured that time when our kids do not want to do something and we make them do it and endure the moaning, complaining and resistance that comes. Then we arrive at church and have to be all spiritual! I was distracted and not engaged with what was happening at the meeting. I decided to focus my heart on Heaven and God and in a moment, I saw 2 angels at the front of the church. I asked the Father if I could talk with them and He said yes. I went to the first one and asked him his name. He told me he was called Righteous. I asked him what he was there for. He stood by the north was of our church building and told me he was there to make sure none of the accusations from inside or outside the church would stick to us. As he spoke, he touched the wall and what looked like a teflon like substance was left. I then moved to the next guy and asked him his name. At first he was silent. I asked him his name again and he told me he was called Valor. I asked him what that meant. He said, ‘Courage gets you into a fight but valor is what keeps you in it and makes your hand freeze to the sword’. Valor has been with me ever since. Righteous moved on. I think he was with us in the early days because he needed to establish something but Valor is still with me. He talks with me, is with me when I play golf or go hiking and the thought of him leaving or being reassigned, makes me sad to the point of tears. He is that real.

When I started writing this book last year, Valor asked me if I would like to interview him, so I did. I think I wept for a week after the interview, just thinking about how good God is. I have included it in my book, I think you might enjoy it!but here is a snippet.

“Me: How do you cope with terrible injustice?

Valor: It is only unjust on earth. I have seen Him take the most terrible thing here on earth and turn it into the most beautiful thing in eternity.  I wish you knew that this life is only a blade of grass but there is a day that will come for every person who calls Jesus Lord when He will make it not just good as new but way more wonderful than you could even imagine. That there is a day when you see His face you will know that He has not allowed you to lose a thing but in fact gained more than you could ask or imagine. This life will pass and He will repay. Every act of brutality and injustice will be compensated in an instant and for eternity. Vengeance is His.”

What would you ask an angel if you got the chance?

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