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As the end of a year approaches, we find ourselves dreaming into next year with a whole new perspective. We have been in a season of saying ‘yes’ to whatever comes our way, even if that has been at our expense. We both feel we are moving into a season of still saying yes but this will be our ‘strategic yes’. In other words, we want to say yes to those things that we believe will change the USA and the nations!

Our dream is to establish Apostolic Centers right here in Chicago and southern California. From these two epicenters we want to raise 1,000 apostles and prophets who will provide a firm foundation for all God will do throughout the nation and beyond. These will be places not only of training but also deployment, an often overlooked piece of the process. 

In 2019 we want to begin using our weight to deploy those we have already trained. This will require time to travel and support our prophets and apostles as they step out in their missions to equip the saints to minister. 

We want to commit to the churches who have given us a place in their lives. Some have the ability to pay for our travel etc. but if you know us, you will know that we are drawn to those churches that are hanging onto the end of their rope and as Jesus said in Matthew 5:3

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.” The Message

We want to continue to equip the saints to minister through conferences, schools, and developing other resources. And we want to help those we have trained to produce their own resources that will help them get established.

 Practically, these are the things that we need to do this year:

  • Establish a 501C3. We are currently a DBA (Doing Business As) of Greater Chicago Church and it has worked really well for us to date. The church has been amazing to work with. Moving forward, things will become increasingly complicated. We have been forming our own Board of Directors that will provide accountability and oversight for our ministry and it is time to action this if we are to grow.

  • Create a brand and identity that includes both Rachel and me around the name of “Building Contenders”. When I launched Ian Carroll Ministries we were in a different place, we were still leading our church and

  • Finish my book on discernment and the mystical realm, rewrite my first book, and get my book on the five-fold written and published. As you may know, a major Christian publisher has been pursuing me. I have taken advice from very trusted friends and have decided not to go that route. Instead, God has given me access to the team who work with some of the top names in our stream. They have enthusiastically agreed to work with me, which includes them actively promoting and selling my books. They will be working with me on my reworked first book and the next two. This a a HUGE deal.

  • Develop more online courses that allow for global reach. This has been a year of experimenting with a number of things and we have found that a lot of Rachel’s material is ideally suited to on-line training and mentoring. We want to get more curricula into the hands of people throughout the nations, taking advantage of the amazing opportunities we have been given.

  • Give priority to visiting churches that we have established a relationship with. We have begun saying no to churches. That feels hard to be honest. Some are people we know and love. However, as we prioritize for this year, We both want to put our strength, time, and resources into the people we have trained. My hope is that the apostles and prophets we deploy will be in a place to fill any gaps we may cause by saying no.

  • Hire a personal assistant. That should really be at the top of the list. When I am away, I want to give all my time to being with the people I am supposed to be with. That has meant that all the admin takes a backseat. This person will deal with all the details of conferences, schools, communication, social media, and will travel with me and/or Rachel as needed.

Thank you.

This is certainly a new adventure for us. We have both been deeply touched by the generosity of the people in our life. It brings new understanding to the apostle Paul’s words in Philippians 4:10, The Passion Translation:

“My heart overflows with joy when I think of how you showed your love to me by your financial support of my ministry”

Our hearts really have overflowed this year.

We would be honored if you would consider supporting us in 2019 as an anchor donor. If you have any questions, please be free to get in touch.

Every blessing and may my God supply all your needs according to His riches. (The Greek word for needs is an interesting one. It can mean, the gap or missing thing in your life, and is directly related to a thing where there is time pressure around. So from us, may there be no missing thing in your life that time threatens to steal!)

Ian & Rachel

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